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How to use waterproof paint? Precautions for use of waterproof paint

1. Different types of waterproof paint have different natural use methods. Here, take the commonly used acrylic acid as an example. First, pour the liquid additive into a clean mixing container, and then slowly add the powder while mixing according to the proportion. After full mixing for min, it will produce a uniform paste without powder. It is necessary to remember to use it up within the operation time. Here, it is recommended to use mechanical mixing (R/min) to achieve better mixing effect

2. Use rollers and brushes to evenly paint the slurry on the treated substrate. It is necessary to paint two layers or two layers of antibacterial materials according to the use environment and performance requirements, which refers to a class 1 new functional material layer with the function of killing or inhibiting microorganisms; Generally, the thickness of waterproof layer of the project is 1mm, and the thickness requirement of underground engineering construction specification is 1 mm。

3. After the first layer is finished, the second layer must be made after it is slightly dry (hard and not sticky). It usually takes hours. The specific situation depends on the compactness of the base surface and the temperature at that time. If it takes more than 24 hours, or the coating has been cured, 7. Do not wipe the reflector, spectroscope, etc. of the instrument on it. When painting the second layer, you must first re wet the surface with clean water

4. Curing: from the second day after the slurry is applied, it is recommended to spray water with fine mist or cover the coating with wet cloth for days, and then conduct closed water test; For long-term water storage pool, it should be left empty for two weeks before water storage

5. Generally, the stirred slurry should be used within one hour. Everyone must have thoroughly understood the experimental machine, and the solidified materials cannot be used again

6. Do not mix with water or change the proportion of lotion at will

precautions for the use of waterproof paint

1. Before the construction of waterproof paint, the defects and water seepage on the base surface must be carefully handled. When the coating has not yet solidified, if it is subjected to the action of water pressure, the coating will not solidify or form a cavity, forming a hidden danger of water leakage. The base surface is clean and free of laitance, which is conducive to the uniform coating and has a certain bonding force with the base surface. It is difficult to dry the foundation surface in underground engineering, so this article only puts forward the requirements of no water drop and no water seepage

2. Large holes and cracks shall be repaired with repair mortar first; Precast slabs and slab joints shall be constructed after professional sealing treatment; It is recommended to seal the screws and bolts with epoxy resin or similar materials first; Before using keshuifu high elastic waterproof slurry, the base surface must be fully wetted with clean water, but there must be no ponding

3, and the storage temperature of liquid components is not lower than 0 ℃; When using, do not mix moisture or other materials into the product; Please take appropriate protective measures during construction, such as gloves

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