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How about ukoeop R7 gold wall breaking cooking machine? According to the comments of friends,

ukoeop wall breaking machine is a popular one. It belongs to ukoeo PR7 gold wall breaking cooking machine household heating multi-functional full-automatic health preserving soymilk mixing auxiliary food machine. This wall breaking machine adopts frequency conversion function, supports appointment function, comes from German technology, supports one click cleaning, adopts 8-leaf blade, and has less powder residue in March, making it easy for the human body to absorb, Let's take a look at the detailed evaluation and advantages and disadvantages of ukoeop R7 gold wall breaking cooking machine. This kind of plastic granulator equipment has a very serious environmental pollution, which may help you choose ukoeop R7 gold wall breaking cooking machine for reference

ukoeop R7 gold wall breaking cooking machine usage evaluation:

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this ukoeop R7 gold wall breaking cooking machine has really good functions. My friend's family is using this wall breaking machine. He said that the beating of soybean milk is very delicate and recommended it to me. Later, he started this ukoeop R7 gold wall breaking cooking machine. After two days of use, he has made five grains for three times. I haven't experienced anything else. The sound is loud, But it's acceptable, because it doesn't work for a long time, and it needs to be stopped and heated several times. I put raw beans without bubbles. It takes about 35 minutes to beat them. I think it's very good. I'll provide photos for your reference

switch to more use. Don't make mistakes. I hope it can help friends in need to choose reference

this wall breaking machine is also a new one. After trying it out, it is of good quality. The cup body is thick and the glass is very heavy. I felt it was very good. I had to try it out immediately after I came back. I felt that the cleaning key didn't respond or I didn't understand the operation. Later, I slowly studied it. At present, it is very good and found no problems. The boiled soybean milk is very good to drink. It doesn't need filtering. It is extremely cost-effective

it takes too long to make things. The sound is still very thin. And the sound is really as loud as the sound of decorating the wall! Once the machine is started, I am afraid the whole building will come to me and say that my decoration will affect everyone's rest! Things are still quite good. The texture of soymilk is exquisite. If the noise could be a little lower, it would be perfect. It is easy to dry in water; The inner layer is in direct contact with the skin, but it is normal to make such fine soymilk without filtering. There is noise. Only soymilk

ukoeop R7 gold wall breaking cooking machine is good. Except for its loud sound, the wall breaking machine is good. It makes black rice paste and five grain soymilk. It is very delicate and tastes good. Today it makes corn juice with milk and corn kernels, which is also very good! My family bought three of these. I bought them for my friend this time. They don't include mail in Xinjiang. She sent them back to Beijing on business trip. Today, she said she was particularly satisfied. The soymilk produced is delicate and fragrant. She also wanted to share it with her colleagues. Thank the customer service for their timely reply. The rice paste and soymilk are very useful. Of course, there is still noise, and the price is not expensive. I wish the shopkeeper a prosperous business and a wide range of money! It's really easy to use. Soymilk doesn't need to be filtered. Fruit juice and rice paste are great. It's really good and cheap

summary: ukoeop R7 gold wall breaking cooking machine adopts a sensitive control panel, and supports five grain soybean milk, thick soup, health congee, sand ice, fruit juice, rice paste. It is also convenient to clean. It supports one click cleaning. The price of this wall breaking machine is positioned at the middle and low end. It is a wall breaking machine with high cost performance. The soybean milk is really exquisite. This price is worth having

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