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Prevention of fire and explosion accidents in steel barrel coating production line 3

⑶ smoking and carrying lighters, matches and other igniters are prohibited in the coating construction site

⑷ when the painting workshop needs hot work for maintenance and welding, the hot work approval procedures must be handled first, and the painting operation should be stopped after approval. Before hot work, the paint dirt and various combustible substances within 30 meters of the operation site should be cleaned first. The paint barrel and paint groove should be covered and sealed. The concentration of organic solvent vapor in the air should not exceed 1/3 of the lower explosion limit, so as to prevent fire during hot work

(5) the spraying workshop should definitely expand the utilization of biodegradable plastics. Strong ventilation equipment must be set up, and the natural ventilation conditions are good. In addition to local ventilation, the paint mixing room, paint spraying room and drying room should also measure the concentration of mixed gas at any time to prevent reaching the dangerous limit. If there is a fire hazard, turn off the ventilation immediately

strive to make several new material varieties enter the global supply chain (6) in addition to the materials directly needed for production, the coating workshop shall not accumulate a large number of flammable and combustible materials to avoid fire

⑺ the doors and windows of painting workshop, paint mixing room, drying oven, etc. should be opened outward

2. Electrical fire prevention measures

⑴ the electrical equipment in the painting workplace must be installed or repaired by a full-time electrician. In addition, when installing and overhauling electrical equipment, the spraying operation should be stopped, and inflammables such as paint and thinner should be moved to a safe place and tightly covered with non combustible materials to avoid fire caused by electrical sparks

⑵ the electrical equipment and lighting devices in the painting workshop must be explosion-proof. For example, the fan applies explosion-proof motor, and the fan impeller should be non-ferrous metal, so as to avoid sparks caused by ferrous metal collision. Explosion proof lamps must be used for lighting

⑶ all painting equipment, such as paint cabinet, induced draft fan, sprayer, conveyor chain, etc., should be installed with electrostatic grounding devices that carefully implement the requirements of "made in China 2025" for the full implementation of green manufacturing, and their grounding resistance should not be greater than 10 ohms. All kinds of power transmission switches, distribution boards, circuit breakers, etc. are best installed outdoors and in safe places. (4) in electrostatic spray painting, in order to ensure fire safety, the voltage at the end of the electric (6) test shall not be higher than 80000 volts, and the distance between the spray gun or spray plate and the steel barrel shall not be less than 250 mm, so as to avoid discharge caused by high voltage or too close spray distance, and fire caused by electric fire

3. Fire prevention measures for drying furnace

⑴ it is strictly prohibited to use electric heating elements with exposed resistance wires, and use steam, hot air, far-infrared electric heating elements for drying. If the infrared lamp is used for drying, the infrared lamp should be fixed in the niche, and the outside should be protected by a glass cover. To prevent electric leakage and fire

⑵ when drying steel drums, the paint spraying room should be a little far away from the drying furnace. Don't rush into the drying furnace, so as to prevent the vapor of most of the solvent in the newly sprayed paint from spreading in the drying furnace, which will cause fire or explosion accidents in case of high temperature. (to be continued)

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