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Safety technical measures for fire and explosion prevention in painting operation

1) paint operators must be educated and trained in fire and explosion prevention safety knowledge, and can only be engaged in painting production after passing the examination

2) the painting workshop, section, team, etc. must have strict safety operation procedures and fire and explosion prevention system, and check the implementation at any time, so as not to be careless

3) during the coating operation, it should be noted that the concentration of solvent vapor in the place should not exceed the specified range, and the barrel for storing paint and solvent should be tightly covered to avoid solvent volatilization; The painting workplace shall be equipped with ventilation and exhaust equipment to reduce the concentration of solvent vapor. During construction in a limited space, in addition to strengthening ventilation, it is also necessary to prevent the indoor temperature from being too high

4) smoking is strictly prohibited in production and construction sites, and matches, lighters and other kindling materials are not allowed to enter the work site. If it is necessary to make a fire, blowtorch, soldering iron and welding must be carried out in the specified area

<2. The working environment for placing instruments should be kept clean p>5) during coating operations, waste cloth, cotton balls, cotton yarn, protective clothing, etc. that are wiped with paint and contaminated by organic solvents should be centralized and properly stored, especially some wastes should be stored in closed barrels with clean water, and should not be placed near the hot stove or heating pipe to meet the performance requirements of various parts and components, and near the drying room, so as to avoid fire

6) all kinds of electrical equipment, such as lighting, motors, electrical switches, etc., should have explosion-proof devices. Regularly check whether the circuit, equipment and insulation are damaged, whether the motor is overloaded, and whether the electrical equipment is reliably grounded

7) during the coating operation, try to avoid knocking, collision, impact, friction iron and other actions, so as to avoid sparks and combustion. It is strictly forbidden for personnel wearing iron nails and leather shoes to enter the work site and do not use iron bars to unseal metal paint barrels, etc

8) prevent sparks caused by electrostatic discharge. The electrostatic spray gun should not be too close to the workpiece to eliminate the accumulation of static electricity in equipment, containers and pipelines. When producing and painting in limited space, wear anti-static clothes, etc

9) to prevent the rapid heat release when mixing the two-component coating, the coating should be continuously stirred and placed in a ventilated place. Aluminum powder paint shall be packaged in cans to prevent hydrogen spontaneous combustion caused by moisture. When preheating the coating, the temperature should not be too high, and the container should not be closed, and should not be heated with open fire

10) the combustible gas in the drying room is the most, but it is still in the stage of introduction and imitation in China. The high content should not exceed 25% of its lower explosion limit, and the maximum content of dust in the air should not exceed 50% of the lower explosion limit. Ventilation of the drying room should be strengthened, and the exhaust outlet should be located in the area with the highest concentration of combustible gas. The surface temperature of the heater shall not exceed 80% of the ignition temperature of the workpiece coating

11) the internal height of the large paint booth shall not be less than 2m, and the indoor outlet shall be unobstructed and the width shall not be less than 0.9m. Indoor equipment shall be made of fire-retardant materials, and various metal parts shall be reliably grounded. The paint booth should be equipped with a multi-point combustible gas detection alarm, and the lower limit of its alarm content should be controlled at 25% of the lower explosion limit of the detected combustible gas

12) the painting workplace must be equipped with a sufficient number of fire-fighting equipment, asbestos felt, yellow sand box and other fire-fighting tools, and the construction personnel should be skilled in using various fire-fighting equipment

13) frost Sullivan (FS), the research group that released the report, regarded the TPE industry as "the leader of technological progress". In case of a fire, do not use water to extinguish the fire. At the same time, reduce the ventilation, and use asbestos felt, yellow sand, fire extinguishers (carbon dioxide or dry powder) to extinguish the fire. If the overalls are on fire, do not slap them with your hands, but roll on the spot to extinguish them

14) a fire damper should be set on the exhaust pipe of the large drying room. In case of fire in the drying room, the valve should be closed automatically, and the circulating fan and exhaust fan should stop working automatically at the same time

15) a large number of inflammables should be stored in the safe area of the warehouse, and a large number of inflammables and explosives such as coatings and solvents should be avoided in the construction site

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