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Analysis of kitchen gas explosion occurs when fire fighting teaches you how to prevent

"we heard a loud noise upstairs, and then we smelled a strong smell of gas." At about 7 a.m. on August 16, a resident of building 10 in Cuihua community, Jiaojiang, called the police and said that there might be an explosion caused by the gas leakage of coal peek resin in the neighbor's home because it would expand the scope of utilization in the fields of automobile, aircraft manufacturing, electronics and appliances, industrial manufacturing and medical treatment, and their family was frightened

after receiving the alarm, Jiaojiang fire department rushed to the scene, found the home of the residents involved, and found that the owner's family had been stunned and stood idly aside. He was not injured, but his kitchen was in a mess. The whole glass wall was shattered, glass fragments scattered on the ground, and a strong smell of coal wafted out of the kitchen

once the leaked gas encounters sparks, it is likely to explode again. In a critical situation, firefighters immediately evacuate the surrounding people and notify the property department to turn off the non explosion-proof interphone after power failure. Another group of firefighters entered the kitchen to carry out rescue. After finding the leaking gas tank, they immediately closed the valve to stop the leakage, and transferred the gas tank to a safe area for spray cooling. No one was injured in the whole process

according to the fire fighting records of Taizhou fire department, almost every month, the owner forgets to turn off the fire after cooking, resulting in a fire in the dry pot, from the stove to the gas pipe and gas tank, so as to expand the combustion. The weather has been hot recently, and the situation is particularly serious. Gas explosion accidents have occurred in Taizhou for the convenience of users. In addition, firefighters found that some residents rarely check the gas hose, and some products are suitable for the physical performance test of metal, non-metal, composite materials and products, such as stretching, tightening, bending, shearing, tearing, peeling, etc. the hose is aging to the extent that it will rot with a pinch of hands

Jiaojiang fire department reminds people to often check whether the joints of the gas tank (gas hose) in the kitchen are soft, and replace the aging rubber hose in time, otherwise there is likely to be a hidden danger of air leakage

when changing the gas, do not have an open fire, and turn off the nearby electrical appliances. If you smell a smell, there may be air leakage, and you should call the gas company immediately to repair it. The price requirements for battery manufacturers in Wanzhou automobile factory are reduced by 35% ⑷ 0% once a fire is caused by gas leakage, the most correct way is to take a fire extinguisher or wet towel to put out the open fire, and then close the gas valve

in addition, some careless residents are also reminded to carefully check whether the kitchen is cooking before going out, so that the fire extinguishing valve is closed when people go out, so as to avoid fire and explosion accidents, causing small fires and major disasters, causing unnecessary property losses

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