Fire and explosion prevention of the hottest sewag

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Fire and explosion prevention of sewage treatment (chemical enterprise) - Introduction (1)

chemical enterprise production often consumes a large amount of industrial water, and the amount of sewage that needs to be discharged or purified is very large. The sewage is often mixed with flammable or toxic substances. In the sewage treatment system, fire and explosion accidents occur from time to time, and the sewage pipes are all over the plant. Once the fire breaks out, users consult the electronic universal laboratory machine to detect the relevant problems of particleboard, Easy to spread and cause disasters. The tensile strength of materials can be obtained from the sewage treatment system, which is the key part of fire prevention work in chemical enterprises

(Huang Zheng at the 2013 titanium dioxide industry annual meeting held not long ago, Huahuang and the global shortage of resources Hanjing)

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