Fire and explosion prevention measures in the hott

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Fire and explosion prevention measures in winter

1) strictly and automatically detect the damage in the fire ban area, prohibit open fire for heating, prohibit Burning Weeds and garbage, and prohibit carrying kindling and inflammables into dangerous places

2) for inflammables such as oil cotton yarn, oil sawdust, etc., PM - corrugated board edge pressing strength (n/m); Put it into an iron container and place it. 3. Intermittently lubricate the moving parts of the compression testing machine; In a safe place and deal with it in time. All kinds of waste oil should be recycled, put into iron containers and placed in designated places for timely treatment

3) there must be practical fire prevention measures and fire-fighting equipment in the construction projects using inflammables such as gasoline and benzene or waterproof coatings containing inflammables. Open flames are forbidden around, and inflammables are forbidden to be placed on hot objects

4) during welding and cutting at heights, inflammables around and below shall be removed, and measures shall be taken to prevent sparks from splashing

5) it is forbidden to use gasoline and other highly volatile flammable liquids to scrub equipment and appliances

6) for materials or equipment containing or stained with flammable and combustible materials, wash them clean or take other safety measures before welding and cutting

7) lighting, wiring and electrical equipment in explosion hazardous areas shall meet explosion-proof requirements to prevent explosion accidents caused by dangerous cremation and dangerous temperature of electrical equipment when the air flow is not smooth in winter and explosive gas or dust is easy to accumulate

8) all samples of inflammable and explosive materials produced, stored and transported should have the same size. Equipment, pipelines, storage tanks and tank cars must be kept tight. If there is leakage, it should be handled in time. Ventilation equipment and detection and alarm system shall be sensitive and reliable

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