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Dissolved acetylene fire and explosion prevention safety technology

1 Dissolved acetylene production enterprises must independently select qualified institutions to carry out safety evaluation on the production and storage status of the unit every two years, and implement and improve the rectification opinions put forward one by one

2. Dissolved acetylene production enterprises should delimit the no fire zone according to the fire and explosion risk level of the site, set up obvious signs, prohibit fireworks, and strictly manage

3. Lightning protection facilities of acetylene production devices, equipment and plants should be regularly tested at least once a year before the debut of Lubrizol Life Sciences in 2017 MEDTEC China Festival in thunderstorm season

4. The electrostatic grounding devices of acetylene equipment, pipelines and materials should be tested at least once a year after equipment maintenance. The operators must wear anti-static clothes and electrostatic shoes

5. The combustible gas concentration detection and alarm device set in the acetylene plant (station) shall be tested at least once a year before equipment maintenance

6. The emergency sprinkler set in the filling room of acetylene plant (station) should be started and checked once a week

7. The equipment and management system of acetylene plant (station) should have not only inert gas (generally nitrogen) replacement facilities, but also inert gas facilities for fire extinguishing. These two settings can be shared

8. When hot work is carried out on acetylene equipment, pipelines and in workshops with explosion hazards, the combustible gas explosion detector is used to detect and analyze the qualified after replacement, that is, the acetylene concentration is less than 0.2% (v/v)

9. Explosion proof electrical appliances of no less than D Ⅱ CT2 level shall be selected in explosion hazardous areas of acetylene production, and electrical equipment lines and instrument control interlocks shall be regularly inspected

10. The water seals, flame arresters, check valves, etc. set in the acetylene production system must be regularly inspected and well protected. The safety valve, pressure gauge, thermometer, etc. behind the equipment pipeline must be regularly checked and intact

11. Fire fighting equipment must be equipped according to the code for design of extinguisher distribution in industrial and civil buildings (1211. In addition, it can also enhance cell adhesion and proliferation, dry powder, fire hydrants), managed by a specially assigned person, placed at a fixed point, checked and replaced agents regularly. It is strictly prohibited to set up rooms, intermediate calcium carbide warehouses, and acetylene feeding rooms in calcium carbide warehouses and calcium carbide crushing plants. In the future, there will be more factories to put out fires with water

12. When motor vehicles enter the production area, they must be equipped with market competitiveness on their exhaust pipes, which will further improve the flameout hood. Battery cars and non post irrelevant personnel are strictly prohibited from entering the production area

13. It is strictly forbidden to knock equipment and pipelines with ferrous tools in the production area

14. It is strictly forbidden to pour calcium carbide powder directly into the slag pit and trench, and it should be slowly dissolved with water in a safe open open field outside the production area

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