Fire and explosion prevention measures to be taken

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Fire and explosion prevention measures that should be taken during welding operation

1. In order to prevent fire and explosion accidents, carefully check whether ExxonMobil has launched a series of glass encapsulated Santoprene level workplace impact testing machines. According to the set time range, hot work and welding are strictly prohibited in the fire-free zone of the enterprise

2. Inflammables and explosives shall not exist within 10m around the workplace

3. When carrying out gas welding or gas cutting operations, carefully check the bottle valve, pressure reducing valve and rubber hose, and there should be no air leakage. Screw in and remove the valve in strict accordance with the operating regulations but at the time of application

4. During electric welding operation, it should be noted that if the current is too large and the conductor sheath is damaged, a large amount of heat will be generated, or poor contact at the joint will easily cause fire. Therefore, carefully check and replace the defective equipment before operation

5. It should be noted that when welding and cutting pipes and equipment, heat conduction can lead to fire and explosion of inflammables and explosives at the other end, so the time is about 105 minutes. Before operation, carefully check and remove the dangerous substances at the other end

6. When cutting old equipment and waste steel, pay attention to remove the inflammables and explosives mixed therein to prevent fire and explosion accidents

7. Welding and cutting operations are prohibited when one of the following conditions exists in the workplace:

(1) a large number of inflammables such as paint, cotton, hay and so on are stacked, and effective protective measures cannot be taken

(2) welding and cutting may form flammable and explosive vapors or accumulate explosive dust

(3) the structure of newly painted paint that has not been fully dried

(4) containers, devices and pipelines under pressure or loaded with flammable, explosive and toxic media

8. At the operation site, a sufficient number of fire-fighting equipment should be equipped, and the validity period of fire-fighting equipment should be checked to ensure the effective use of fire-fighting equipment

9. After welding and cutting operations, the site should be carefully inspected to eliminate the left kindling and avoid future problems

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