Two experts from the hottest Yuchai, linzhiqiang a

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Two experts, Yuchai linzhiqiang and Qin Maohua, enjoy special government allowance

two experts, Yuchai linzhiqiang and Qin Maohua, enjoy special government allowance

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Two experts from qinmaohua enjoy special government subsidies. So far, Yuchai has 9 experts enjoying special government subsidies

linzhiqiang is a professor level senior engineer and a doctor of engineering. He is now the chief engineer of Yuchai Co., Ltd. he has long been committed to the development and research of various types of diesel engines, gas engines and technologies. He has solid basic theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience. He has presided over the research and development of a number of leading and applicable engines that meet the market requirements. Some of them have filled the domestic gap and achieved remarkable scientific and technological achievements. As the backbone of the research group, linzhiqiang also participated in the research of 5 national "863" projects and 5 scientific and technological research projects in the autonomous region, and achieved remarkable results

qinmaohua is a master of fitter skills in Yuchai. In 2012, he stepped onto the national competition stage with fitter skills and won the 14th place in the national workers' vocational skills competition. In his usual work, Qin Maohua is good at summarizing ii. closed loop control innovation. For example, he innovated and applied 3D printing technology in the manufacturing of various complex parts of diesel engine body, cylinder head and crankcase, which accelerated the research and development speed of the company's new products, ended the history that Yuchai can only produce products by molds, and saved the company more than 6million yuan in manufacturing costs every year

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