Two kinds of industrial starch materials developed

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Hubei has developed two kinds of industrial starch materials

agricultural products processing and Nuclear Agriculture Technology of Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences [Zhongsu news] visit the driving force for transforming the future of China's automobile - the Institute of lightweight technology and scientific and technological optimization and innovation has adopted a new grafting technology and recently developed two new environmental protection industrial materials: starch acrylic acid grafted water absorbent material and cationic acrylamide grafted starch

3) the cross-section stress is very uneven. The starch acrylic acid grafted water absorbent material has a three-dimensional structure and has excellent high water absorption performance. The water absorption ratio can reach nearly 1000. It can be used to manufacture water absorbent materials for sanitary products and slow-release fertilizers for agriculture and forestry. Cationic acrylamide grafted starch fills the gap of domestic high-grade yarn textile sizing materials, can replace PVA monomer grafted materials with serious environmental pollution, and reduce the sizing cost of textile enterprises to some extent. This product has been tried out in more than ten domestic textile enterprises and has been highly praised

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