Two main causes of piston ring wear of the hottest

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Two main reasons for wear of motorcycle piston rings

piston rings are usually cast with gray cast iron. In order to improve wear resistance, the ring surface is mostly plated with chromium or sprayed with copper. The test shows that the wear resistance of the ring can be increased by times and the maximum wear of the cylinder can be reduced by 20%-30%. There are two forms of piston wear:

(1) abrasive wear

abrasive wear is mainly caused by dust and mechanical impurities entering the cylinder. These sharp impurities are attached to the cylinder wall, causing abrasive wear of the plug ring and piston, and are transmitted everywhere through the lubricating oil. The ring pressure of the first gas ring is large. Because the dynamic control accuracy of the part fatigue test is 2%, the wear is the fastest

(2) galling wear

galling is a welding process, that is, in the higher part of the mutual moving surface, due to high temperature, small gap and serious friction, small pieces of metal of the piston ring are temporarily melted, resulting in welding and galling. The piston ring galling usually occurs when the first xdppstr-03lq19005 biological filling material gas ring of Xinda reaches the top dead center of the cylinder. The machine is often vibrated because the temperature here is the highest, the lubrication is the worst, and there is a short pause between the ring and the cylinder wall, so galling is most likely to occur. Once the galling occurs, it expands rapidly. When the galling continues to expand, the sealing effect of the gas ring and oil ring is damaged, and the air leakage and lubricating oil consumption increase. (endpu material can be processed in liquid state)

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