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Two grand gatherings in the glass industry were held, and CSG A and other shares benefited.

Hong Kong Wande news agency reported that the two grand gatherings in the glass industry will be held respectively in East China on July 26 and Northeast China in early August when the equipment is put into operation. According to the laws of the past years, glass enterprises will discuss market countermeasures in a unified way, and the atmosphere of glass inflation is strong. At present, the price of white glass is basically hovering around the cost line, and a small profit will be realized after the price increase

in the first half of the year, the weighted average price of white glass in all regions of the country was 72 yuan/weight box. The expected price increase this time was about 2 yuan/weight box, and the price increase was about 3%. The price changes of glass enterprises are mainly small rises and small falls. After this round of price increase is recognized by the market, the possibility of small price increase again cannot be ruled out. In addition, at present, there are not many sources of goods in the hands of downstream customers of glass, and the high inventory of early-stage producers has begun to reduce. It is expected in the industry that the delivery situation of glass manufacturers will start to improve at the end of July and the beginning of August

this news is good for the glass sector. The safety of public lane for listing is to spend money to improve the business of hardware division Luoyang Glass, CSG a, Jinjing technology, yaopi glass, Qibin group, Sanxia new materials, etc., which account for a large proportion, or will benefit. For individual stocks, it is suggested to focus on Luoyang Glass, CSG a, yaopi glass and Jinjing technology. Zhonghua glass () Department

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