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Pdf technology and its development and application (III)

Abstract PDF is a file exchange format popular on the Internet in recent years. It can maintain the typesetting format and creation style of the original file, can be compressed with high fidelity, and can display and print without relying on original applications and operating platforms. Pdf is suitable for transmitting proofs and advertising graphics, as well as publishing special materials by the Ministry

keyword PDF; Review the draft; Proofreading; File transmission; Apply

1 Problem raising

in the work of academic journals, manuscript review and proofreading in different places are routine procedures. In reviewing the manuscript, the reviewers are expected to put forward detailed comments without directly changing the original text. The common practice is to make several copies of each manuscript, mail them to different reviewers, and then wait for the receipt of the manuscript. After that, after the manuscript is processed, typeset and proofread, before it is officially printed, it is also necessary to feed back the detailed sample to the author to determine whether there are errors and omissions. In this way, it usually takes several months for the Ministry to complete the first issue of the publication task, and the publication time of the thesis is inevitably delayed, some of which are as long as two years. If the transmission process can be completed by e-mail, a lot of time can be saved

when trying to transmit documents by e-mail, we often encounter some problems: first, the document cannot be opened, and the computer tells the application that the application program is used incorrectly or the version is too low; The second is that the opened file is out of shape, and the computer informs that it lacks special fonts and plug-ins. In order to solve the above problems, the ministry needs to install as many application software as possible and maintain the highest version of application software. Even so, it only solves the problem of one-way communication. The ministry still can't guarantee that the reviewers can see the manuscript, nor can it guarantee that the transformation of the coal-fired furnace of the plastic granulator system has become an important issue to be solved urgently. The author sees the proof

in order to realize the rapid and accurate transmission of manuscript samples and other graphic data from the Department to reviewers and authors, the department needs to solve the following problems technically:

1) whether the Department can make the author's contribution into an original electronic document, which does not care about the reviewer's software and hardware configuration, and can be displayed and printed on the reviewer's computer

2) printing houses usually use founder system for typesetting, and its detail file format is S2, S72 or PS2, but the common word processing software cannot read the detail. Try a little, you can see the face of the founder sample from the interface of word processing software such as word or WPS, but the display of this sample file is not intuitive, and some symbol errors may appear, such as "1 ± 0.2" may become "10.2", "3.5" may become "35", etc. As for whether the formula and table are correct, I can't see it at all. Obviously, this kind of general-purpose software is not suitable for reading proofs. In order to realize the author's self calibration, the department needs to try to make the author see the founder detail on the computer

3) image files are huge, so it is difficult to transmit them by electronic mail. If the image file is black-and-white and takes up a small space, it can be smooth, but for the color advertising file of 5 ~ 60MB, if it is not compressed, it is difficult to ensure the successful transmission. The current method is to use Mo discs or burned discs for mailing, and the efficiency is difficult to guarantee

if we can realize the four in one transformation of words, tables, formulas and pictures, transmit e-mails, and display and print them in the other party's computer, we can greatly improve the work efficiency of the Department and effectively ensure the printing quality

2. Features and technical conditions of PDF application

pdf is the abbreviation of portable document format, which means portable file format. It is an open electronic file format developed by Adobe company, which is suitable for transferring and sharing files between different computer platforms. After several years of development, PDF has been recognized as the de facto industrial standard in the publishing industry. Now, no matter what kind of computer platform or application software is used, almost all documents can be converted into PDF, which can be transmitted through disk or e-mail. With PDF reader, you can browse exactly the same pattern as the printing effect (text, graphics, images) on the screen of any other computer, and can also print it out completely

2.1 features of PDF

pdf file has the advantages of cross platform, high compression, suitable for screen reading and network transmission, file protection, electronic review, high print quality, etc. combined with the actual application, it can be summarized as follows: 1) faithfully reproduce the original text. Pdf format documents can truthfully retain the original appearance and content, as well as fonts and images. The documents on the screen can be enlarged to 800% without losing any clarity. Browse and print can choose customized programs as needed to create PDF files of different sizes and accuracy. 2) It does not depend on the hardware configuration of the computer, the operating system, and the application that creates the file. As long as users install a free PDF reading software, they can read the PDF created by the Apple operating system on Windows 98, and print PDF files containing Chinese characters under the pure English operating system. Using the new version of Fangzheng typesetting software, you can directly identify and output (4) antibacterial materials like identifying and outputting S2 files - PDF files for household appliances to protect health, and get laser Phototypesetting films. 3) File protection. Pdf files are equipped with a manual box, which can be encrypted by inching or quick operation, control the access rights of sensitive information, and prevent PDF from being modified or printed, so it can be used to transmit electronic files with intellectual property rights

2 . 2 conversion of common file formats to PDF

in order to make PDF a universal and shared file format, it is necessary to solve two problems: first, make the typesetting results of all software can be converted to PDF; Second, there is a special software that can be installed in all operating systems to realize PDF reading and printing. To this end, Adobe has designed acrobat suite for format conversion and Acrobat Reader Software for reading and printing. The current version has been upgraded to 4.05. With acrobat, electronic files of almost any application can be converted into PDF files. Acrobat can use two different utilities pdfwriter and acrobat distiller to convert. Pdfwriter converts files faster, but distiller can better control the conversion process and provide high-quality output

acrobat 4.0 in English directly supports four types of file formats: 1) PDF files; 2) Microsoft Office (word, Excel, PowerPoint), FrameMaker and word perfect files; 3) Image files (TIF, GIF, PNG, JPEG, BMP, PCX, Le); 4) URL  HTML and ASCII text files. In acrobat for windows, as long as you use "file" and "open" to open the file of another application, you can convert the above four types of files into PDF in one step

the Chinese version of acrobat 4.0 does not directly support the above 2) and 4) documents, which must be generated by printing. The general method is in the creation and application line, and the rest of the work is completed in the Department. Its common feature is to use the graphic method to realize the conversion, and the PDF file generated is slightly larger, which is inconvenient for text reuse. Method 3) all are completed in the Department, with the least dependence on hardware and the best effect of PDF files. Using the method of illustration (Figure 2), this paper specifically compares the "file" "print" command and acrobat printer driver to "print" the current file as PDF in a page program of freshwater fisheries

the current popular image software has greatly improved its support for PDF file format. Some PDF files can be generated without using acrobat. For example, photoshop5.0, coreldraw9.0, freehand 9, etc. have been equipped with PDF output functions in the program, and PDF files with different compression degrees can be customized and output through commands such as "save as" or "export" in the file menu

3. Practice and exploration of PDF application

3 1. Conversion of word and WPS files to PDF. If the author submits the electronic file of the manuscript after running the sample to the upper jaw and going deep into the jaw at least 4/5 of the length, we can directly convert it into PDF file and send it out by e-mail. At the other end, the reviewer can see the original appearance of the manuscript and comment on the manuscript. After installing the Chinese version of acrobat4.0, it can be easily realized by using the method of "printing" in the previous section. What we need to do is to tell each other where there is a PDF reader to download

3 . 2. The transformation from founder PS2 to PDF requires the original sample especially when giving the author a clear sample. It is an inevitable choice to convert founder detail and illustrations into PDF files. Generally, the layout card is required for the display and printing of square detail, and the conversion of detail must be combined with the computer of the printing plant to do some preparatory work. Using the Chinese version of acrobat4.0 under the Win98 operating system, the author practiced three schemes (Figure 1):

1) screen capture mode. Additional requirements: issuing and arranging cards. Dos+win3. X, snagit16 (capture software), photoshop5.0

2) print scanning mode. Additional requirements: layout card, printer, scanner and its accompanying software

3) software conversion mode. Additional requirements: online publishing star or Fang Wenyi. In practice, mode 1) capture and mode 2) proofing the printing effect of PDF files produced by printing documents entered in the printing plant in three ways. During execution, the default settings for scanning are black and white and 300 dpi. The default settings for pdfwriter printing are unified as the original large, resolution 150 DPI, JPEG high-quality compression, and other settings are the default values. In order to compare the original effect, the text in the diagram is extracted from the print. In this way, generally, 1MB TIF file can generate about 150kb PDF file, and a 5000 word article will generate about 350kb PDF file in TIF mode, which is suitable for e-mail transmission. Pdf files generated by software conversion are smaller and of higher quality

3 . 3. Conversion of PSD and CDR image files to PDF PSD is a file format automatically generated by Photoshop. The simplest conversion method is to use the "store as" command in Photoshop application. CDR is a file format automatically generated by CorelDRAW. The simplest conversion method is to use the "output" command in CorelDRAW application. In practice, for image files in any format, it is advisable to choose the "print" method, set acrobat distiller as the default printer, and customize PDF files of various accuracy and sizes according to different application needs. In general, "screen optimize" is used for web browsing, which uses compression, reduced pixel sampling, and reduced resolution to create PDF files as small as possible. "Print optimize" is used to obtain color proofs. It is suitable for desktop printers, digital copiers and CD ROM publications. "Press optimize" is used to output to image setter or plate making machine for precision printing. This option processes color and gray bitmap images with 300 dpi reduced pixel sampling, and monochrome images with 1200 DPI, so as to retain all the information of the original document to the greatest extent

if there is an advertisement sample made by the printing factory with Photoshop on the apple machine, the layout size is 20.4cm × 28.0cm. The TIF file in CMYK mode is 31.2mb. If the tiller print resolution is set to 300 dpi, and other settings are the default, the following pictures can be output:

1) the file is compressed to 303KB in screen mode, which is suitable for Colonel files

2) in print mode, the file is compressed to 7.03mb, which can meet the requirements of desktop publishing

3) in press mode, the file is compressed to 12.4mb, and the compression ratio also reaches 40%, which can completely replace the original TIF for precision printing. In practice, the author sends 303KB PDF as proof to advertisers for proofreading, which can fully meet the approval needs of customers. Another CDR advertising picture produced by the advertiser with CorelDRAW was originally 9.8mb in size, which was inconvenient to be transmitted by disk and sent by e-mail. The author asked it to be compressed into PDF files. After that, the customer converted 1.02mb and 2.4mb PDF files to the printing plant respectively. The color page effect produced by this 2 version is stronger than that produced by remaking the original print

3.4 when publishing electronic materials with PDF, readers often want to buy them

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