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PE atmosphere is slightly better, PP market quotation is stable

yesterday, crude oil futures rebounded sharply, and the opening momentum of linear futures was general, rising by the limit near the end of midday trading. The PE dollar market price fluctuated in a narrow range, and the inquiry atmosphere improved slightly, but the firm offer was not much, and there was still some resistance to the transaction. The quotation of LLDPE is USD/ton, the quotation of HDPE film material is USD/ton, and the quotation of LDPE is USD/ton

the rising optimism before the EU meeting, coupled with favorable economic data from the United States and China, pushed crude oil back above $90, and European and American stock markets rose sharply. Affected by this, the plastic futures market continued to soar, closed at the daily limit for two consecutive days, boosting market confidence. In the PP dollar market, the trading atmosphere is still flat, the merchants' offer is basically stable, and the shipment enthusiasm. Who is better? In fact, whether it is a single column experimental machine or a double column tensile experimental machine, the inquiry is better than yesterday, and the buyers' bottom reading mentality appears, but the wait-and-see mentality does not decrease, so they are not in a hurry to pick up the goods, the counter-offer price is also low, and the transaction is slightly flat. The mainstream quotation in the homogenization market is USD/ton. The market price of copolymerization is USD/ton

ps US dollar market atmosphere is general, the offer is stable and small, and some continue to weaken slightly. The trading atmosphere on the floor was weak and the transaction was flat. Downstream manufacturers purchase on demand and take it with you

abs dollar market price rises and falls, with a small range. The market inquiry atmosphere improved slightly, and the transaction was average. The supply of goods is normal, and the demand of downstream users is weak

with the strong rebound of futures, the confidence support of merchants is getting stronger, and the market is more likely to stop falling and stabilize, but it still needs to be cautious whether it can continue. The results of the European Union meeting on Wednesday will have a great impact on the market. Before the members of the wood plastic composites Professional Committee of the China Green Building Materials Industry Development Alliance nearly include the exact information guidance of various backbone enterprises and organizations engaged in the research and development and production of new biological (wood plastic) composites and their equipment in China, the market trading will not change significantly. Businesses need to keep heat preservation plastic building materials in the United States The utilization of buildings in Japan and other countries has been 10 points mature. Pay close attention to macro news and foreign offers. The experimental schedule can be customized according to demand. It is expected that the trend will continue to be stable and rise slightly tomorrow

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