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PCCW enterprise plans to launch d

PCCW's flagship information technology service, PCCW enterprise will not change its shape. Today, PCCW announced the launch of the d-infinium Global Data Center Alliance, "d-infini has the advantages of high precision, wide speed range, compact structure, convenient operation, stable performance nitum". D-infinitum is a strategic alliance composed of many leading data center service providers in the world to meet the growing demand of enterprises for cost-effective multi-point hosting and value-added services across regions

d-infinitum network is distributed in more than 80 data centers in more than 40 cities around the world. PCCW enterprise solutions and d-infinitum partners provide customers with multi-point custody and value-added services, including managed services, facility management, business continuity and disaster recovery

Mr. Yu Li'an, managing director of PCCW enterprise solutions, said: the world-class capabilities of PCCW group and its global network covering more than 3000 cities around the world are deeply recognized by the market. PCCW enterprise solutions and partners participating in d-infinitum plan to provide a full range of deposit and custody services, as well as transmission and value-added services, to provide customers with one-stop ③ screw limit spring pressed too tightly to meet their global deposit needs, so that they can take advantage of local advantages to meet their availability, performance, safety and capacity requirements

traditionally, if an enterprise has the need of global deposit, it has to discuss with multiple different suppliers, involving complex and time-consuming discussions. At the same time, it has to face different capabilities and service quality standards of different suppliers, as well as rules involving different currencies and legal systems. Through d-infinitum, enterprises can enjoy one-point deposit service through a single contract, making the process more efficient, transparent and flexible

in addition to the existing self owned facilities in Hong Kong and China, PCCW enterprise solutions can now provide custody, deposit and management services globally through d-infinitum, helping customers based in Asia to enter new markets, and supporting international enterprises to enter the Greater China market. D-infinitum will continue to expand its territory at a high speed and support the business development of globegroup with partners with common ideas

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