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PDM Application Case of Nanjing Yuejin Automobile Co., Ltd.

Nanjing Yuejin Automobile Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as NAC Yuejin) is the "foundation, matrix and cradle" of "NAC" with Nanjing Automobile Group Co., Ltd. as the main sponsor. On March 10th, 1958, China's first light-duty vehicle was born, which was named "leap forward" by the state. The company has five professional factories (branches), five holding (shareholding) units, and nearly 3000 registered employees. It has built joint workshops such as general assembly, vehicle testing, stamping, welding, painting, carriage and supporting logistics distribution centers, public power and office and living facilities. It is mainly engaged in the production of Yuejin series light trucks and their chassis, passenger cars and their chassis, special vehicles, off-road vehicles, Lingye heavy vehicles, etc., with more than 500 product varieties

in the process of NAC leap forward information construction, cad/cae/capp and other technologies were used to successfully realize the digital definition of the whole vehicle, the simulation and optimization analysis of the whole vehicle structure, which greatly improved the design quality and speed of light passenger cars, heavy vehicles, modified vehicles and other products. However, in the development process, the design department and the process department have gradually accumulated a large number of drawings and documents in electronic form. The low degree of sharing of these drawings and documents, the slow speed of data transmission, the difficult integration of business data, and the level of data management have directly led to some mistakes in research and development, which restricts enterprises from further shortening the research and development cycle of products. In order to solve this problem, NAC Yuejin adopts kmpdm to effectively organize and manage product information, and constructs an enterprise information sharing environment through the implementation of kmpdm

analysis of the characteristics of enterprise product R & D data management

the development and implementation of PDM system is a very complex system process. We must consider the actual characteristics of the implemented enterprise, combine the product characteristics, business model and existing and implementable computer technology of the enterprise, start with the basic idea of PDM, and establish the basic framework of enterprise PDM system. On this basis, we can carry out the specific implementation work in stages. Kaimu company made a detailed analysis of the product characteristics and development process of NAC Yuejin through the preliminary research work, which laid the foundation for the subsequent pdm/capp system design

1 enterprise product R & D characteristics

as a vehicle manufacturing enterprise, compared with other industrial products, its products have the following characteristics:

(1) there are many kinds and quantities of product parts, and the degree of integration and modularization is high. For example, the engine system, fuel supply system, braking system, variable speed control system, etc. specially produced by general automobile manufacturing enterprises are integrated into a chassis system as a component of the whole vehicle

(2) there are many changes in the internal structure of the product. For the same large class of passenger cars (the main parameter is the length of the vehicle), according to the needs of users, ordinary, luxury, city passenger cars and other series of models will be derived, and the corresponding powertrain, interior trim and air conditioning system will also be different

(3) most of the whole vehicle products are produced in small batches, and some products are designed and produced according to user needs. But at the same time, it is also a series of products, which can make full use of the original product data and reduce the workload of new development

(4) the technology of the product is updated quickly, and the application requirements of new technology are high

NAC Yuejin's product research and development is a management mechanism of product structure based on component family model. Each design department adopts the management method of maintaining its corresponding family structure and configuring family members to manage the product design and configuration schemes of various models of various series of models. Before the implementation of Kaimu information system, all configurations use Excel electronic documents as the information carrier. The information is isolated, and the information transmission is not very fast and accurate when carrying out complex product configuration. The design mode of the whole enterprise belongs to the standard mass customization design mode, and the vehicle design management model is shown in Figure 1

Figure 1 automobile design management model

2 management characteristics of NAC Yuejin product data flow

the process of NAC Yuejin has a professional process route department to assign process routes to each workshop, and the workshop process personnel complete their corresponding processes according to the allocation of process routes. The transmission of these process documents also takes word as the carrier, so there is an information island, and the information flow is not smooth, so it is not convenient to summarize information. The product data flow management model in the enterprise is shown in Figure 2

Figure 2 Product data flow management model

data flow requires that upstream data can be effectively transmitted to downstream, and when changes occur, downstream can quickly obtain correct data

through the analysis of NAC Yuejin design model and data flow model, it is found that the traditional electronic document management can no longer meet the rapid variant design of enterprises and the needs of the market. At this time, we need to apply new information systems to solve the rapid variant design of enterprise products and solve the bottleneck of enterprise data flow

after investigation and consultation with relevant personnel of the enterprise, NAC Yuejin hopes to manage relevant design, process and other data in the development process of vehicle products, so as to facilitate the borrowing and inquiry between parts and components, and manage ongoing engineering projects

project solutions and features

1 centralized management of drawings and documents

establish a set of archiving, storage and query system of drawings and documents, so that enterprise technicians can quickly and easily find the required drawings and documents, and can quickly browse drawings and documents

NAC Yuejin PDM system reflects the hierarchical relationship among models, components and parts in the form of product structure tree. As shown in Figure 3, query other attributes of these parts based on the structure tree, such as material, weight, supplier and other information. The file information describing components and parts is organically connected with the relevant parts on the tree node to realize the product data management of different models

through drawing and document management, the hierarchical relationship of a large number of electronic drawings of the enterprise is clearly visible under the clear product structure view. At present, the number of parts in the system has reached 50000, but the efficiency of searching data and documents has improved the sales volume of 2100 tons of high-purity and high elasticity PBT products by 5 to 10 times

Figure 3 figure document centralized management interface

2 product configuration based on model technology

in the product structure of NAC Yuejin, the consequence of a complete vehicle model is that the chassis, body and interior must be installed for serious flying, but the optional configuration must be determined according to the needs of customers. That is, a vehicle model can be equipped with different chassis, body and interior trim, and different configurations can be selected

in PDM, through product configuration management, as shown in the figure below, select the corresponding parts and components to configure a completed vehicle model, and complete the design of different products of the same type according to this mode

Figure 4 product configuration management based on model technology

manage a variety of product design schemes with the mechanism of VPS (variable product structure) of component family model. On the basis of VPS, according to the specific order requirements, carry out rapid structure selection, and then generate an accurate product structure. Product structure and configuration management mainly includes the following functions: VPS modeling, establishing auto parts family model, parts family management, product/component series, product configuration and EBOM management, BOM multi view management

3 data visualization application

pdm uses an embedded browser to realize the visual operation of the integrated software. It can meet the needs of enterprises at different levels, and is designed to work in a mixed form, that is, it can be quickly and seamlessly integrated with other systems, or it can be used alone. The embedded browser can be used to support the browsing and identification of popular 3D CAD software, as well as the browsing of 2D CAD documents

4 collaborative application of work

establish workflow management according to the model of product data flow management within NAC Yuejin enterprise. Mainly in the two aspects of approval management and change management, further deepen the development, review or approval work, so as to control the process and realize the needs of enterprise work collaboration

introduction to the implementation and effect of enterprise informatization

1 CAPP implementation

NAC Yuejin CAPP system has implemented the process departments of body branch, carriage branch and general assembly branch, realizing the digitization of process design and the standardization and high efficiency of process design

use CAPP system to complete the preparation of process technical documents, machining process cards, assembly process cards, heat treatment process cards, etc., so as to improve the design efficiency and standardization level of the process. All process personnel use open-ended CAPP for process planning, which can realize the concurrent design of process, and there is no obstacle to the information exchange between process designers; Oxygen index 32 ~ 45 because the process table modules used are called from the server, and the size of the table is fixed, so it is a unified standard; It realizes the extraction of process design information and automatically generates process bom through PDM system; When filling in the process design information, you can automatically call the knife, clamp, quantity and mold information in CAPP enterprise resource manager, which saves the inconvenience of checking data and recording text, and is very convenient to modify the process

2 pdm/BOM implementation

NAC Yuejin PDM system realizes centralized management of a variety of electronic documents (UG, office, AutoCAD, CAPP, media files, etc.), safe sharing, and high information reuse; These product data can be automatically transferred to the process documents to realize the smooth operation of enterprise data flow. At present, the calculation and summary of product and process information are automatically calculated by computer to ensure the accuracy of data

pdm system realizes the application of business mode based on product family model design, realizes the visual configuration management of product based on model, and can quickly design variant products. Through centralized authorization management of product and process information, product design process, and rapid process design, the computer management of process design process is realized, and the purpose of reducing design cost and improving design efficiency is achieved

3 NAC Yuejin PDM Project platform features

1) adaptability, meeting the actual design requirements of enterprises

in the product design process of NAC Yuejin, product design or product configuration is carried out based on product model management in the PDM system to complete the deformation of similar products or the design process of new products. This application scheme is fully adapted to the process of product design in the automotive industry. This design idea is also the crystallization of the cooperation between NAC Yuejin and Wuhan Kaimu in this project

2) scalability to meet the requirements of subsequent business growth

NAC Yuejin PDM platform has basically added independent parts before NAC Yuejin to the PDM system for unified management; The basic business models defined meet the requirements of the current application of NAC Yuejin. Because the system is completely developed based on object mode, the system, whether data scalability or configuration scalability, can fully meet the requirements of the subsequent business growth of NAC Yuejin in addition to meeting the current application

3) scalability, strengthen the construction of industry informatization

through the application of this platform, NAC Yuejin has become a typical demonstration user in the automotive industry. In the construction of automotive industry informatization, whether it is software application or management mode application, it has good promotion value

4) integration function

referenced according to standard component interface

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