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"PDF compare" and "PDF merge" functions

"PDF compare" and "PDF merge" are the plug-ins of Adobe Acrobat, which are designed for Kodak yinnengjie and yinnengjie powerful packaging workflow management system. The above tools can provide automatic, reliable and low-cost correction for prepress workflow. Pdf comparison is a quality control tool that can analyze two PDF files and check the differences between them. Pdf merge is a prepress production tool, which allows the operator to extract all elements in the previous plate making operation (such as trapping, angle addition, overprint settings, etc.) and merge these elements with the new production document

"PDF comparison" and "PDF merging" provide prepress operators with automatic functions, which can be temporarily modified when preparing production documents. The above tools allow the operator to directly modify the graphic elements in the design document, extract all reusable settings in the original master making document, and store the new document in a new version. The modified design documents can be put into production immediately and can be produced in the liquid process environment - time test project: the performance change experiment is shorter and the efficiency is higher

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