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PDM and CAD work together to eliminate the "information island" of manufacturing enterprises

Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) is an idea and method of modern production organization, which can optimize and standardize the whole process of enterprises from market development, engineering design, production planning, material processing, assembly control to quality management, procurement management, sales management, resource management and financial cost management Communication network and appropriate automation technology integrate the whole system and optimize the whole mechanical (machine tool) manufacturing process, so that enterprises can obtain market competitiveness and maximum benefits, which is the inevitable trend of the development of manufacturing industry and the key to give full play to the maximum benefits of information technology

in the early 1980s, the development of computer technology and communication network technology made it possible to realize the integration of 2 experimental force minimum reading value (n) 0.01 0.10 mechanical manufacturing system, but how to solve the problem of system integration is not mature, let alone a product that can be used to solve the problem, until the emergence of PDM

PDM supports the product design process of CAD

the essence of PDM is to take products as the management core, take data, process and resources as the three elements of management information, and take software technology as the basis to realize the integrated management technology of product related data, process and resources; It describes the product development process data and product manufacturing process with the concept of overall optimization, standardizes the management of product life cycle data, maintains the consistency and traceability of product data, makes the design data orderly, and realizes the optimization of product design, process design, manufacturing process and resource sharing

it can be said that CIM puts forward the idea and requirements of system integration, and PDM specifically solves the method of system integration. Therefore, the application of pdm/plm is not only limited to the management of drawings and files of CAD system or the process management of design process by the first generation PDM, but to realize the whole enterprise (6) when refueling, we must pay careful attention to the management of product related data within the range of oil level height, which is the fundamental method to solve the "island" problem of informatization in China's machinery manufacturing enterprises

on the one hand, PDM can provide technical documents and management necessary for CAD system to carry out design activities. Generally, CAD software in the market is support software. If enterprises want to form their own CAD application system, they must carry out a large number of secondary development and establish a basic database of product design, including technical standards and specifications, and basic technical data

some of the above standards and basic technical data are text, some are tables, some are graphics, and some are mathematical formulas, which are the basis of mechanical design and necessary data for the application of CAD system. Before there is no PDM system, the CAD system must establish its own database, graphics base, knowledge base and method base. After applying PDM, it can be used as the content of PDM database and called by the CAD system

on the other hand, PDM also supports the establishment of general parts library and the call of parts, standard parts and purchased parts library. CAD system can apply PDM system parts management module to realize serialization, modularization, standardization and rapid design, so as to establish a general parts library; At the same time, feature coding is applied to realize rapid retrieval, which greatly reduces the repeated work of product design, shortens the design cycle, and lays a good foundation for improving and optimizing production management

in addition, PDM also supports CAD system to apply its product structure configuration module to realize rapid product structure configuration

PDM manages the graphic data output by CAD

the goal of establishing a CAD system is to output the drawings, technical documents and data necessary for product manufacturing according to market demand. In the case of digitalized enterprise management, it is also necessary to provide digitalized product information. The function of PDM system is to effectively manage the drawings, technical documents and materials necessary for product manufacturing output from CAD system, as well as the digital product information, so that the whole enterprise system can realize data sharing

certain design documents, drawings and technical data must be completed at each stage of product design. After the product design is completed by the CAD system, the PDM system should manage these drawings and technical data. This is one of the functions of the PDM system, which is generally called drawing file management

product design is a process, which takes dozens of days at least and months at most. Product data is gradually formed in this process. In order to shorten the technical preparation cycle, the process must be controlled, so it is necessary to study and carry out concurrent engineering. Once the report is broken, it is not easy to re integrate; The other is the application pointed out by the weak non covalent bond, which requires PDM system to manage the process of gradually forming product data in stages in the process of product design and process design, which is called project and process management

The management of product attribute data by PDM provides conditions for the integration and data sharing between CAD and capp/erp system. Product attribute data includes item table and BOM table data. This management has laid a foundation for solving the problem of "three technologies, seven management, and twelve data" of enterprise informatization in China for more than 20 years and realizing enterprise information integration

to sum up, the application of PDM can not only greatly reduce the workload of secondary development of applied CAD, but also solve the problem that the application of CAD technology in China is still in the primary stage and cannot further play its role. It is an important way to deepen the application of CAD. On the other hand, the application of PDM can also solve the serious "information island" phenomenon in China's enterprise informatization, and provide a feasible solution for the integration of cad/capp/erp

cad also needs to meet many requirements of PDM

in order to realize the above functions, the PDM system must establish a product attribute database, and manage drawings, technical documents and archives through the product attribute database. However, product attribute data are hidden in drawings and technical documents, which are the output of CAD system

there are two methods to establish a product attribute database based on these attribute data: one is to manually find out the product attribute data from the drawings and technical documents output by the CAD system, and then input it into the product attribute database; The second is to use programs to read CAD files stored in the computer graphics library, extract their attribute data, and automatically input them into the product attribute database. The former method is troublesome and easy to make mistakes, and the latter method is desirable, but the attribute data in the drawings and technical documents output by the CAD system must be able to be read. To achieve the above goals, the PDM system puts forward the following requirements for the CAD system:

① the attribute data in the drawings and technical documents output by the CAD system must be processed. Attribute data in graphic files is important information for managing product data and realizing cad/capp/erp data sharing. Therefore, the attribute data to be extracted must be processed before the attribute data can be read into text files or database files through programs

many self-developed CAD software in China only consider the needs of "drawing board rejection", do not make a detailed system investigation and system analysis of CAD system, and do not analyze the development of CAD software. Therefore, the requirements of CAD system are only defined in drawing and plotting, and there is no analysis. The data contained in the drawing file should not only be expressed in the drawing file, but also be extracted and entered into the database, Therefore, no conditions are provided for the automatic extraction of attribute data, so that the data sharing within the CAD system and the enterprise information system cannot be realized

② the CAD system must be able to output text files or database files in order to connect with various DBMS

③ in order to realize the management of digital product data, product data must be uniformly coded, including: product code and its components at all levels (assemblies, modules), components at all levels, parts (general parts), purchased parts, standard parts, raw materials, and product technical documents and materials. These parts, technical documents and materials are numbered without CAD or at the initial stage of CAD, but they are not managed by database, so the numbers are only for people to identify

④ commercialized PDM software only provides the structure of the system, and most of the contents of the database and graphics library should be built by the enterprise. In order to play the role of PDM, CAD system and PDM system must closely cooperate and coordinate with each other. (end)

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